Magical summer days, clear mountain water & cool nights

The temperatures in Bad Kleinkirchheim and the National Park in August make them an absolute paradise. When others are perspiring in extreme heat, you can relax and enjoy comfortable and beneficial temperatures here. It's a luxury to sleep with your window open and to be woken in the morning by farmer Ottinger’s cockerel!

Here in Bad Kleinkirchheim, you can enjoy a whole range of acitivites in the Nockberge mountains during the day – in the fresh mountain air and clear water from the mountain springs. Numerous Alpine cabins offer hearty snacks – with fragrant homemade bread, Carinthian ham, homemade sausages, cheese and farm butter. You can search for delectable chanterelle mushrooms in the forests around Bad Kleinkirchheim or pick huckleberries in the lush meadows of the Nockberge mountains.

Retire to our wellbeing oasis and chill out after a few hours of stimulating exercise in the hiking paradise of the Nockberge mountains. A visit to the sauna in high summer is both good for the immune system and beneficial for your health. In the evenings and at night, the temperatures in the Nockberge mountains drop – now you can breathe deeply, enjoy the warm summer evenings and deep recuperative sleep.