Beauty treatments in Carinthia

Spend your holiday at the spa hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Let yourself go, relax and unwind! Our beauty team will take care of your skin with products by Maria Galland.

Complete facial treatment

Deep cleansing with exfoliation, ampoule, facial massage, facial pack, eyebrow correction.
90 mins. € 82,00

Mini facial treatment

Deep cleansing with exfoliation, facial pack and eyebrow correction.
60 mins. € 57,00

Facial massage with facial pack

40 mins. € 44,00


Eye contouring 25 mins.

€ 23,00

Facial massage 20 mins.

€ 23,00

Thalasso mask 30 mins.

€ 27,00


€ 17,00

Eyelash tint

€ 11,00

Eyebrow tint

€ 9,00

Eyebrow correction

€ 7,00

Day make-up

€ 13,00

Evening make-up

€ 24,00

Waxing of upper lip or chin

€ 12,00

Solarium 10 mins.

€ 10,00

Body care

Back treatment 60 mins.

€ 57,00

Waxing (half legs to knee)

€ 37,00

Waxing (whole legs)

€ 58,00

Waxing (bikini zone)

€ 22,00

Armpit waxing

€ 17,00

Waxing (back)

€ 45,00

Combi-offer: 3 x waxing of your choice – minus 10 % reduction

Sweet sugaring

Sugaring of upper lip or chin

€ 24,00

Sugaring (half legs to knee)

€ 60,00

Sugaring (whole legs)

€ 80,00

Armpit sugaring

€ 28,00

Back sugaring

€ 50,00

Sugaring Brasil style

€ 53,00

Sugaring Hollywood Cut style

€ 68,00

Combi-offer: 3 x sweet sugaring of your choice – minus 10 % reduction

Hand and feet care

Pedicure chiropody 50 mins.

€ 37,00

Manicure with hand massage 40 mins.

€ 30,00

French polish

€ 9,00

Paraffin pack, intensive treatment for dry hands or feet 20 mins.

€ 24,00

Nail spangle

€ 20,00

Special treatments

Professional facelifting

A beneficial Shiatsu pressure point massage on the head and face using special products by has an especially efficient effect. Your face appears fully revitalised. The skin is visibly tighter, firmer, and wrinkles are reduced – as if lifted!
60 mins. € 75,00
90 mins. € 90,00

Anti-ageing intensive

Anti-ageing, 90 mins.
Thalasso therapy with sea salt exfoliation, 50 mins.
€ 140,00

Bright eyes

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, Eyebrow correction, Eye modellage
50 mins. € 45,00

Enjoy a full facial treatment with a customised special mask:


To activate mature skin, we recommend the Collagen Fleece Mask starting with a peeling and cleansing of the skin. A relaxing facial massage rounds off this treatment.
90 mins. € 87,00

Thalasso visage

Pleasantly cooling power mask with sea algae for that extra portion of moisture. The individually customised ampoule chosen to suit your particular skin type lends a unique feeling of revitalising freshness and generates maximum care and wellbeing.
90 mins. € 87,00

Masque modelant for your face

Classic treatment by Maria Galland with the perfect strategy for solving those “little problems”. The self-warming mask with deep  action provides intensive moisture,  effective anti-ageing care and regulates blemished and sensitive skin.
90 mins. € 87,00

“Deluxe” facial regeneration

A facial treatment especially for stressed and “mature” skin with the “Masque Parfait Caviar Collagen”. This mask has the effect of a full facial lifting, but totally without surgergy. Your skin appears younger, firmer, more radiant and tighter.
90 mins. € 102,00

Only the best beauty treatments are waiting for you at the ‘Die Post’ Hotel in Carinthia. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry today.