Blooming June – flowers in all their glory!

Summer has come in all its glory. The meadows in the valley have donned their finest attire. The bright meadows entrance the eyes, and their fragrance excites the senses.

The Nockberge mountains are home to incredible floral diversity. The blaze of colour starts in the valley and then climbs up the Nockberge mountains. Gentian and alpine rose are everywhere. In the area known as Falkert, whole meadows are submerged in red and blue. Our hiking guide knows where.

It is advisable not to allow yourself to be too distracted by all this splendour when playing golf! The greens are in good shape on the Kaiserburg golf course, and our Pro knows what will help you to perfect your swing. The stresses of everyday life melt away with every swing, giving way to relaxation and recuperation.