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With our experienced massage team you are in very good hands. First class training, a lot of experience and a very special talent – enjoy massages in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Choose your favourite massage or let our team advise you on the best treatments for your individual needs.

POST-SPA-PLUS: 10 % price discount on all individual treatments in the mornings (Mon – Fri from 8.00 – 12.00 am, except holiday)


Classic full body massage

The entire body is massaged using classic massage techniques. Muscle tension is reduced, and the circulation activated. Both physical and mental wellbeing are improved, and stress reduced.
50 mins. € 55,00

Classic partial body massage

This treatment is particularly advisable for tense back and shoulder muscles. Both the back and the neck receive intensive massage. Muscle tension is released, resulting in relaxation of the upper body.
25 mins. € 34,00

Reflexology massage

The self-healing powers of the organs are activated via the reflex points on the soles and backs of the feet. This technique has a positive effect on all organs and muscles and ensures improved circulation.
25 mins. € 37,00
50 mins. € 59,00

Combi vital massage

A classic partial body massage and reflexology massage are combined. This is the optimum means of treating back complaints with the aid of both reflex zones and pain point massage.
50 mins. € 59,00

Head and foot massage

“With your head in the sky, your feet on the earth and your heart with all creatures.” (old Tibetan proverb). The entire head and foot area is treated with special oils and massage techniques. A wonderful way of revitalising, harmonising and regenerating the body.
50 mins. € 59,00

Lymph drainage

This especially gentle form of massage stimulates the flow of lymph fluid which is transported from the thin lymph vessels in the body tissue via the lymph nodes into the blood stream. It removes blockages, has a pain-relieving effect and strengthens the immune system.
25 mins. € 36,00
50 mins. € 57,00


Acupuncture massage

This consists of tension equalisation and acupressure. The acupuncture massage boosts and regulates the flow of  energy in the body and has a positive impact on acute and chronic complaints.
50 mins. € 59,00

Energetic cranio sacral

A gentle treatment carried out on the skull and the sacrum. The cranio-sacral system is the centre of our energy system. It is especially helpful for treating migraine, whiplash injuries and symptoms of stress.
50 mins. € 75,00


Integral Shiatsu has a relaxing effect on the body and revitalises the organism. Using the fingers, balls of the hand, elbows and feet, stable pressure is applied along precisely defined energy lines (meridians). Shiatsu supports the functions of the vegetative nervous system such as breathing, digestion, sleep and blood circulation. This technique
is particularly recommended for neck and lower back problems, lack of energy, and many other conditions. Treatment is carried out in clothing on a mat on the floor.
50 mins. € 69,00

Hot stone massage

This treatment is a harmonious combination of massage, energy work and the beneficial effect of hot lava stones. The whole organism is charged with new energy and vitality, and our energy system is harmonised and strengthened. Stress and nervousness are reduced, tense muscles loosened and body tissue and blood vessels strengthened with contrasting temperatures.
50 mins. € 57,00

Original Thai massage

This technique involves stretching, mobilising and relaxing the entire body using body weight with fingers, the balls of the hand, elbows, knees and feet. The circulation is stimulated, muscles can relax as a result of stretching, and the entire musculoskeletal system is mobilised. Treatment takes place in comfortable clothing on a mat on the floor.
50 mins. € 69,00
75 mins. € 103,00


Stamp massage

This special type of massage employs the innovative stamp technique to introduce highquality oils such as almond, sesame and jojoba oil with their valuable substances to the deeper layers of the skin. Enjoy Alpine herbs, algae or Old India bundles.

Alpine herbs: boosts circulation, helps to relax tense muscles
Algae: brown algae have a detoxifying effect
Old India: promotes healthy circulation and is kind and soothing to the skin

50 mins. € 69,00

NEW: Aroma oil massage

During this massage especially created essential oils are massaged into the skin. Your therapist will help you to find the perfect oil for your requirements.
50 mins. € 62,00

Soap foam massage

Soap foam is gently massaged in and serves to cleanse the pores of the skin and improve circulation. An old proverb promises that each bursting bubble releases one worry into the air. After this treatment, you will feel as if you have been born again.
25 mins. € 40,00 (without peeling)
40 mins. € 59,00 (with peeling)

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