Spa treatments in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Experience spa in Carinthia

Enjoy body treatments, packages and baths at the Ronacher Thermal Hotel. During the following treatments you relax on the water bed whilst being wrapped in warm cloths, surrounded by curative agents, whose effects will be enhanced by the deep heat effect.

Body peeling

This treatment makes your skin soft and smooth, improves the circulation and renders it much more receptive to subsequent care.
25 mins. € 38,00

Body pack

Treat yourself to a pack containing valuable oils and a wide range of active substances. Feel your skin being regenerated while you lie wrapped up in fragrant towels.
25 mins. € 38,00

Slimming compress

You will be wrapped tightly in bandages which are soaked in substances to match your skin’s requirements (mineral oil, seaweed or caviar) beforehand. These have a firming and detoxifying effect on the tissue.
50 mins. € 53,00

Active treatment for tired, heavy legs

This stimulating massage with an essential oil balances your legs and feet, reduces swelling of the legs, refreshes and cools.
40 mins. € 49,00

Enjoy the treamtents at the Ronacher spa hotel and send us a non-binding enquiry.