Our activity guide Peter Auer introduces himself and his programme

The activity guide at Die Post hikes and relaxes with you

Guests have the option of actively enjoying the Nockberge Mountains and relaxing in the spa with the activity guide Peter Auer at Hotel Die Post. The daily exercise programme is inclusive for any guests who want to join in.

Peter Auer:"About me."

"I have made my passion into my profession. My passion is for the natural world and that's always been the case for me. I have been working as a hiking guide and relaxation trainer for a number of years. The range of hiking on offer has resulted from the desire to support people in their endeavours to improve their overall wellbeing. What is special about my work for me is that it brings together all my different forms of training. As a result I use both hiking, energy and relaxation to demonstrate new variants of hiking."

Hiking experiences with indulgence

Activity guide on holiday in Carinthia
Your activity guide Peter

Garnet hike along the Millstatt Alps to the Granattor (garnet gate) – a gate filled with tonnes of garnet stones telling the story of this ruby-red precious stone
Walking time approx. 3 hours

Hike along the "Alps-Adriatic Trail" – Brunnach/Mallnock/Falkertschutzhaus/Hoferriegel
Walking time approx. 3.5 hours

Themed hike: "Forest/trees"
Walking time approx. 2-3 hours

"Boat hike" along Lake Millstatt – from Döbriach along Lake Millstatt to the Schlossvilla and return journey by boat
Walking time approx. 2.5 – 3 hours

A hike with a difference, for example leisurely Alpine pasture hike on the Hochrindl, recharge your batteries at the foot of magical Mirnock mountain
And many other memorable hikes in the Nockberge Mountains and all-round professional accompaniment by Peter Auer.

Sunrise hike
You need to be well motivated to leave your warm bed at such an early hour. But soon after you catch sight of the first rays of sunshine touching the gentle peaks over the eastern summits of the Nockberge Mountains, you will forget about any traces of tiredness. Enjoy this dramatic spectacle and draw strength and energy from this magnificent natural phenomenon.

A holiday in the Nockberge Mountains, Carinthia
Gorgeous sunset in Nockberge region

Full moon hike "Mystical – Romantic – Exciting"
We hike into the night, surrounded by nature, and the moon illuminates our path. This is a truly unforgettable experience. A very special hike with the moon as our companion.

Meditative hiking
A guided, relaxing and meditative hike

Bare-foot hike
Take the plunge and enjoy a bare-foot hike in a stunning natural environment.

Kneipp hike
… and many more hiking experiences await you at Hotel Die Post. Active. Family. Spa.

A pampering programme – relaxation with sound and gentle vibrations

And after the hike Peter Auer pampers you with relaxing sounds…

Sound journey
Come with us on a guided tour of your imagination, accompanied by the harmonious sounds of instruments. You may be surprised by what you experience.

Lasts approx. 20 – 30 minutes

Sound meditation at hotel DIE POST
Active guide Peter invites you to sound meditation

Sound meditation
Let yourself be pampered with the quiet sounds and soothing vibrations from instruments. A few opening words help you to slowly relax. Then you are cosily enveloped and carried by the sounds of music. Take time out from day-to-day life and enjoy the beneficial effect of sound meditation.

Lasts approx. 30 – 40 minutes

Sound bath
No words just sound and vibrations. The instruments help you find your own personal rhythm and natural order again. Be carried on the sound waves and enjoy gentle and pleasant harmony on all levels.

Lasts approx. 60 minutes


Sound infusions in the sauna
Singing bowls in the sauna… relax in a sauna bathed in sound!

Plan your holiday in Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains and find out about offers and packages at Hotel Die Post. Or send us your no-obligation enquiry and look forward to a variety-packed programme under the guidance of Peter Auer.

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