Pack your hiking backpack properly for a day in the mountains

What you should definitely take with you on your tour outdoors

Hikes and mountain tours can be magical outdoor adventures. We have put together a few useful tips and tricks for you on how to pack your hiking backpack properly so that you can really enjoy your day trip into the mountains.

How to pack your backpack properly

  • With many backpacks a fully-packed bottom compartment makes them much more comfortable to carry. Often the whole carrying system is reinforced as a result thus improving the load transfer.
  • Place heavy objects as close to your back as possible and preferably at the bottom of the backpack.
  • Small things go in the top compartment that you may need quickly on the hike. As a result, they are always within reach and don't get lost at the bottom of the backpack.
  • Ideally you should store everything in the backpack. Do not leave anything hanging outside on the backpack, they make the entire carrying system unstable and they get caught easily on trees, rocks etc.
  • Adjust your backpack correctly! Many backpacks can be adjusted to various body sizes before putting them on. For this loosen all the straps and belts and only tighten them once the backpack is over your shoulders.

You should definitely have these things in your hiking backpack

  • Plenty of water, an apple and a bit of chocolate
  • A detailed, up-to-date hiking map of the region
  • A charged mobile phone
  • First aid kit
  • Rain protection and warm clothing
  • Sun protection – sun cream, head gear, sunglasses
  • (Pocket) knife

Tip: Don't forget your camera to capture your impressions and views!

Hiking on holiday at Hotel Die Post in Bad Kleinkirchheim

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