Yoga and movement – balance and positive body awareness

Original yoga and what we mean by it today

Yoga is originally an all-encompassing philosophy from India, similar to a religion. The centuries-old tradition is still practised there in its original form.

The focus in modern yoga, as we understand it, is very clearly on the practical yoga exercises. The exercises can either have a meditative nature or be more physical. Practising yoga is seen as being life-enriching, a sport and a workout for the body and mind, largely detached from religion and a philosophy of life.

Yoga has a positive effect on the psyche and physique

A woman practising yoga outdoors in Carinthia
Yoga is good for the body and mind

Yoga is proven to have a positive effect on physical and mental health. Yoga can even alleviate specific symptoms and has a positive effect on chronic headaches, circulatory problems, sleep disorders, backache and nervous complaints such as anxiety and depression. Yoga also has a preventive effect and helps us maintain good health in some areas. Yoga has a balancing and calming effect on many people. It offers the chance to meditatively go into yourself and take notice of your own body. Inner peace helps reduce stress.

Yoga exercises are comparable with fitness exercises. Like gentle sport and activity they have a positive effect on the whole physical constitution. Training strength and muscle endurance and strengthening physical flexibility and agility. Circulation is improved by activating the entire musculoskeletal system and posture is improved.

Yoga on holiday in the Nockberge mountains in Carinthia

At the Ronacher Hideaway Health & SPA Resort there are also daily yoga sessions with experienced trainers as part of the daily activity programme. Added to this, there is always "Yoga for everyone" with Brigitte Zwenig.

Extensive health care at the Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Therapists and a doctor take care of your health with numerous offers, therapies and treatments at Hotel Ronacher. Sound journeys, sound meditation and sound baths with the activity guide Peter Auer are extremely relaxing – for the exact dates and times please see the Ronacher weekly programme. To complement yoga's health-promoting effect we offer you Ayurveda, a fasting regimen based on alkaline foods, fat burning, detox & purification. As well as massages, body & beauty treatments, Cellgym & Body Ballancer, aqua fitness, Repuls & fascia, back & joints, physiotherapy & Ortho-Bionomy.

Find out about the Ronacher health packages or contact us directly: +43 4240 282 and look forward to an amazing time in the Nockberge mountains with a huge boost to your health!


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