Day trips with children – valuable information, tips and tricks

A helpful packing list for day trips with children

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Valuable information for your family holiday in Carinthia

Work is over and it's finally time to enjoy a few days holiday with the family. So that you can use the little time you have with the family to the full and really enjoy it, a certain amount of preparation is often essential. Particularly with day trips with children there are several things you can consider beforehand to ensure a relaxing and pleasant time for everyone.

We have the following for you at Die Post: baby monitors, toddler's sets, a whole load of games – tractors, dolls, sporty 3-wheeler buggies, baby carrier backpacks, sledges, bobs, a go-kart track, BMX bikes,...

A day trip with children: the car journey

  • Route planning – plan plenty of stops on longer routes. Ideally stop at special places where there is something for children to admire and where they can run around a bit.
  • Make sure you have plenty to eat and drink. Water in particular should always be within reach in the car. Fruit is a practical snack for in between.
  • Plastic bags in case children get car sick – it is important that they are always within reach and not, for example, stored in the boot.
  • Games – think about games that you can play together during the journey. "I spy with my little eye," "I packed my suitcase..." etc. can make time fly by.
  • Audio books – children are well entertained with an audio book too.
  • Comfortable clothing – sitting for a long time is so much more bearable if your trousers aren't pinching.
  • Pillows and blankets – when tiredness hits, you can sleep more comfortably with these.
  • Sunshades – prevent your car from overheating. Attached to the rear windows, they protect your children from direct sunlight during the journey.

Practical tools that make an outdoors day trip with children easier

  • Sun protection – sun cream and head wear such as a hat or baseball cap are particularly important for children.
  • Mosquito/tick repellent – repels annoying pests and a tick inoculation in good time can protect against really dire consequences for your day trip with children.
  • A change of clothes – if something gets wet or simply to put on top if it gets cooler.
  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes – if shoes are too tight or someone slips, the good mood soon vanishes.
  • Picnic blanket – provides a spot for the little ones to rest anywhere.
  • First aid kit – little accidents can happen any time. Thanks to the right preparation it's not that bad. (plasters, disinfectant, cooling spray...)
  • Camera – to document unique moments for yourself and those at home.
  • Wet wipes – save the day in so many cases.

A family holiday and day trips in Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains

Find out which day trips you can enjoy with your children around Hotel Die Post. Active. Family. Spa.

Be inspired and plan your stay with the whole family in Bad Kleinkirchheim in Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains. Send us your no-obligation enquiry and look forward to a wonderful time at one of the best family hotels in the country.

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