Body treatments at the spa in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Immerse yourself in a world of wellbeing at Hotel Die Post

Close your eyes and let yourself be pampered across the board at the spa hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Very popular with the guests at Hotel Die Post. Active. Family. Spa.: the beneficial wraps and baths. Wrapped up in warm towels you float on a water bed and enjoy the wonderful lightness of being.

Rid your skin of impurities, smell the fragrance of the hay flower pack and experience the famous Thalasso treatment. Many of the spa treatments in Carinthia are geared towards the whole body and you can enjoy these every single day anew at Hotel Die Post.

Natural mud pack treatment

Hotel Die Post wellness
Body treatments at Die Post wellness hotel

Relaxes the muscles, alleviates rheumatic complaints, has a supportive effect when treating spinal problems and revitalises the metabolism.

  • € 55.00 for 25 mins. and 4 applications | € 65.00 for 6 applications

Hay flower pack

This pack of hay flowers and herbs is effective against rheumatic complaints and muscle tenseness. It detoxifies, helps to alleviate diseases of the inner organs, the digestive tract and urinary genital system.

  • € 58.00 for 25 mins. and 4 applications | € 68.00 for 6 applications

Body peeling with sea salt

  • € 45.00– for 25 minutes

Jojoba lotus body peeling

  • € 52.00– for 25 minutes

Slimming compress for firmness and elasticity

We recommend different compresses depending on your particular
skin type: Aroma firming, rock oil, algae or caviar compress.

  • € 65.00 for 50 minutes 1 compress

Aroma therapy

A sea salt peeling is used first. The therapy is based on the effect of essential oils derived from healing plants. The oils contain fat-burning substances and streamline the contours of the body. Connective tissue structures are improved, the flow of lymph is stimulated with the result that toxic substances can be eliminated more easily.

  • € 82.00 for 40 minutes | € 92.00 for 50 minutes

Die Post wellness hotel in Carinthia
View from the wellness area

Luxurious cream packs

For the body and senses and for treating dry and sensitive skin.

  • Evening primrose oil creme pack or Choco creme pack

€ 59.00 (without peeling) for 30 minutes
€ 92.00 (with peeling) for 50 minutes

Body detox electrolysis bath for hands or feet

Purifies, deacidifies and detoxifies the body by eliminating toxic substances. Especially recommended for digestive problems, rheumatism, weakened immune system, poor concentration, tiredness, sleep problems, lymph blockages and weight problems/cellulite.

  • € 59.00 for 30 minutes

Compress and body detox offer: take 4 – pay 3

Relax in the mountains

Improve your wellbeing and relax in the mountains. Come to Hotel Die Post in Bad Kleinkirchheim and look forward to an unforgettable time in the Post Spa. Find out about our extensive range of massages and the Post wellness packages on offer. We look forward to receiving your no-obligation holiday enquiry.

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