Beauty treatments in Bad Kleinkirchheim – Carinthia

Beauty treatments at Hotel Die Post leave you looking radiant

Switch off, unwind, relax, rest and look glowing! Our beauty therapists treat your skin with products from Maria Galland. Besides classic facials, we offer programmes for anti-aging, purifying and detoxing.

Extensive facial treatment

Personal skin analysis, deep cleansing and gentle peel, skin care products and ampoule, steaming, facial massage, mask or pack for the face, neck and décolleté.

  • 90 minutes €92.00

Mini facial treatment

Deep cleansing with peel, face pack and eyebrow shape.

  • 60 minutes €67.00

NEW:tingling CO2 oxygen mask

Peeling, lifting, pigment brightening – thanks to the increased oxygen in the tissue together with the gel enriched with nutrients, pigment spots are brightened, small lines disappear, laughter and nasolabial folds are reduced, pores look finer and skin firmer. All in one round.

  • 30 minutes €35.00


Die Post wellness spa in Carinthia
Facial treatments for you
  • Face pack 25 minutes €30.00
  • Facial massage 25 minutes €29.00
  • Thalasso mask 30 minutes €32.00
  • Ampoule €23.00
  • Eyelash tint €15.00
  • Eyebrow tint €15.00
  • Eyebrow shape €8.00
  • Day make-up €18.00
  • Evening make-up €25.00
  • Solarium 10 minutes €10.00

Manicure and pedicure

  • Medical pedicure 50 minutes €48.00
  • Manicure with hand massage 40 minutes €42.00
  • Manicure and pedicure 90 minutes €81.00
  • French polish €9.00
  • Paraffin wrap for dry hands or feet 20 minutes €24.00
  • Nail braces €20.00

Sweet sugaring

Professional hair removal using the sugaring technique

Sugaring originates from the Arabian countries and has been the ultimate method for permanent hair removal there for a long time. Sugaring is gentler and less painful than classic waxing, as the hair is pulled out from the hair shaft with the root in the direction it grows. The sugaring method is allergy-free and hygienic. Experience fascinating sweet sugaring – your skin will be silky soft and smooth for weeks.

  • Face €25.00
  • Upper lip €15.00
  • Legs up to knees €60.00
  • Full leg €80.00
  • Full arm €70.00
  • Lower arms €35.00
  • Underarms €30.00
  • Back €50.00
  • Buttocks €60.00
  • Brazilian sugaring €53.00
  • Hollywood cut sugaring €68.00
  • Combination deal: 3 x sweet sugaring of your choice: -10%
Die Post wellness spa in Carinthia
Special treatments at Die Post wellness hotel

Special treatments NEW:Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion guarantees you a "wow" effect! With this special treatment the upper layers of skin are mechanically removed in a controlled way using abrasive crystals. To finish, an active ingredient ampoule is driven into the skin using ultrasonics. You can instantly see the exceptional result when you look in the mirror!

  • Soft, elastic skin
  • Finer pores
  • Significantly reduced depth of lines
  • And increased firmness

Microdermabrasion and transportation of an active ingredient ampoule using ultrasonics

  • 60 minutes €75.00

Ultrasonic treatment

  • Face, 10 minutes €20.00
  • Body, 20 minutes €40.00

Professional face lift

An extremely efficient effect is achieved using a beneficial shiatsu acupressure massage on the head and face with special products from Maria Galland. Your face radiates a new glow. Skin looks visibly firmer, more toned with less lines – like a face lift!

  • 90 minutes €107.00

Intensive anti-aging treatment

"De Luxe" face regeneration

Collagen elastin cellulite body treatment with scrub

  • 150 minutes €189.00

A youthful boost of freshness

Wellness massages in Carinthia
Relax with classic massages

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping, CO2 mask

  • 60 minutes €66.00

Enjoy an extensive facial treatment with personalised special mask:

sparkling youth – deluxe anti-aging

Sophisticated active ingredients in a peel, ampoule and collagen fleece become pure luxury for your skin. The result is breathtaking.

  • 90 minutes €105.00

Thalasso Visage

Pleasantly cooling power mask with seaweed for that extra portion of moisture. The ampoule personally tailored to your skin gives a unique feeling of invigorating freshness and maximum care and wellbeing.

  • 90 minutes €105.00

Shaping mask for the face

Special care for your beauty. The shaping mask is a unique minerals mask: by warming up the minerals mask the active ingredients penetrate even deeper into the skin and supply it ideally with nutrients and moisture. Including ampoule.

  • 90 minutes €105.00

"De Luxe" face regeneration

A facial treatment especially for stressed and mature skin using the "Masque Parfait Caviar Collagen". You get the effect of an all-round face lift without any surgery at all. Your skin looks younger, firmer, fresher and more toned thanks to this treatment.

  • 90 minutes €125.00

Your beauty treatments in Carinthia are waiting for you in the spa at Hotel Die Post in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry today.

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