Beneficial massage at Hotel Die Post in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Feel good on all levels in the Post Spa in Carinthia

You are in good hands with our team of therapists. First-class training, practical experience and a very special gift – that all goes without saying as far as your relaxation is concerned in the spa at Hotel Die Post. Active. Family. Spa. Simply choose your preferred massage or wellness treatments or get personal advice on whether a classic massage, energy massage or special massage is right for you.

Post Spa Plus: 10% discount off all individual treatments in the morning (valid from Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. – 12 noon – except public holidays)

Classic massages

Wellness and spa in Carinthia
Spa relaxation in Carinthia

Classic part body massage
This treatment is particularly advisable for tight back and shoulder muscles. The back and neck area are given an intensive massage. This releases muscle tension and loosens up the upper body.

  • 25 minutes €34.00

Classic full body massage
The whole body is massaged using the classic massage technique. This releases muscle tension and stimulates the circulation. Improving both your physical and mental wellbeing and reducing stress.

  • 50 minutes €55.00

The organs' self-healing powers are activated through the reflex points on the soles and backs of the feet. This technique relaxes all the organs and muscles and ensures better circulation.

  • 25 minutes €37.00
  • 50 minutes €59.00

Combination vitality massage
A classic part body massage combined with reflexology. The perfect treatment to work on back problems using both reflexology and massaging pain points.

  • 50 minutes €59.00

Head and foot massage
"With your head in heaven, feet on earth and heart for all living things." (old Tibetan saying). The whole head and foot area is treated using special oils and massage techniques. A wonderful method for re-energising, harmonising and regenerating the body.

  • 50 minutes €59.00

Lymph drainage
This extremely gentle and harmonious form of massage stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid which is transported from the thin lymphatic vessels in the body's tissue through the lymph nodes into the blood circulation. It removes blockages, alleviates pain, is relaxing and strengthens the immunological defence system.

  • 25 minutes €36.00
  • 50 minutes €57.00
A wellness holiday at Hotel Die Post
Enjoy the peace

Energy massages

Acupuncture massage
This consists of balancing out tension and acupressure. The energy circulation in the body is simulated and regulated using acupuncture massage. It has a positive influence on acute and chronic diseases.

  • 50 minutes €59.00

Energetic craniosacral therapy
A gentle treatment that is carried out on the cranial bone and sacrum. The craniosacral system is the centre of our energy system. Highly recommended for migraines, whiplash injuries and symptoms of stress.

  • 50 minutes €75.00

The entire organism can relax and regenerate by holistically working on the body. It is practised using the fingers, balls of the hands, elbows and even the feet to exercise stable pressure along precisely defined energy lines (meridians). It supports the functions of the vegetative nervous system, such as breathing, digestion, sleep and circulation. Highly recommended for neck and back problems, a lack of energy and much more. This treatment takes place fully clothed on a mat on the floor.

  • 50 minutes €69.00

Hot stone massage
This treatment is a harmonious combination of massage, energy work and the beneficial effect of hot lava stones. The entire organism is topped up with new energy and vitality and our energy system is harmonised and strengthened. It reduces stress and nervousness, releases tension and also strengthens the tissue and vessels due to temperature stimuli.

  • 50 minutes €57.00

Original Thai massage
The whole body is basically stretched, mobilised and relaxed using the fingers, balls of the hands, elbows, knees and feet and the body weight. It stimulates the blood circulation, relaxes muscles during the stretching and loosens up the entire musculoskeletal system. This treatment takes place on a mat on the floor in comfortable clothing.

  • 50 minutes €69.00
  • 75 minutes €103.00
A wellness holiday in Carinthia
A relaxing holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Special massages

Stamp massage
High-quality oils such as almond, sesame and jojoba oil with valuable active ingredients are gently transported down to the deeper layers of skin in a targeted way using this special massage with the innovative stamping technique. Enjoy an alpine herbs, algae, Old India or beer stamp massage.

  • Alpine herbs: boosts circulation, helps with muscle tension
  • Algae: brown algae is purifying and boosts the metabolism
  • Old India: boosts the circulation and moisturises skin
  • Beer: is soothing, relieves pain and is antibacterial

50 minutes €69.00

NEW: Aromatherapy oil massage
Specially created, essential oils are gently massaged into the skin with this massage. Together with the therapist you find the perfect massage oil to suit your needs.

  • 50 minutes €62.00

Soap foam massage
The soap foam is gently massaged in and cleanses deep down into the pores as well as improving the body's circulation. An old wisdom promises that with every burst soap bubble a worry vanishes into thin air. You feel reborn afterwards.

  • 25 minutes €40.00 (without scrub)
  • 40 minutes €59.00 (with scrub)

Fantastic wellness days in the Alps in Carinthia

The wellness oasis at Die Post in Bad Kleinkirchheim impresses across the board. Find out about the offers and packages or send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry.

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