Men's beauty treatments at Hotel Die Post in Carinthia

Beauty treatments specifically for men:give them a try!

Looking good and fit is becoming more and more important to men. The exclusive men's range from Maria Galland supports you in this and delivers what it promises! You will feel and see the difference!

Extensive facial treatment

A wellness holiday in Carinthia
Beauty treatments for men's faces

Deep cleansing with peel, ampoule, face, head and neck massage, face pack – if required: eyebrow shape.

  • 90 minutes €92.00

Mini facial treatment

Deep cleansing with peel, face pack and eyebrow shape.

  • 60 minutes €67.00

"Fat burn & Slim" wrap

This special wrap method is based on the cold-hot-cold effect where the body manages to tap into the fatty deposits – fat burning with a difference.

  • 50 minutes €52.00

Boy, do you look good!

Special facial treatment with ampoule and corresponding head and neck massage! This treatment moisturises skin and reduces lines. Includes manicure and pedicure.

  • 140 minutes €164.00

Athlete's package

Die Post wellness spa in Carinthia
Wellness & spa at Die Post for him too

Hay flower pack, 6 layers, warming, circulation boosting massage with rescue remedy cream.

  • 50 minutes €66.00

NEW:Men's sweet sugaring

Hair removal for men

  • Underarms €30.00
  • Chest €50.00
  • Back €50.00

Muscles workout

Fitness workout in the studio with personal coach.

  • 30 minutes €25.00

Men's beauty on holiday in Carinthia

Beauty treatments especially for men await you at the Hotel Die Post. Activities. Family. Spa. Every member of the family will find something on offer to suit their taste at Die Post. Ladies' spa, children's spa and the stunning scenery of Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains on the doorstep. Find out about the offers and packages or send us your no-obligation holiday enquiry today and look forward to an unforgettable time on holiday for the whole family.

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