Hiking in Carinthia – beautiful tours in the Nockberge Mountains

Relaxation in Carinthia's nature, hiking around Bad Kleinkirchheim

The special shape of the Nockberge Mountains and clear mountain air make hiking in Bad Kleinkirchheim a really special experience. And the panorama is breathtaking – in fact with hikes of any level of difficulty. You can set out directly from the hotel!

The flora and fauna are also not without their attraction. For example, the alpine rose blooms in the Nockberge Mountains, immersing them in a sea of dusky pink flowers. You can also enjoy cosy breaks in one of the many catered mountain huts that invite you to chill out. And the fact that even the biggest appetite is satisfied with products from local farmers there goes without saying.

Experience the Nockberge Mountains with a hiking pro

A family holiday in the Nockberge Mountains, Carinthia
A family hike in the Nockberge Mountains

Our hiking pro and activity guide goes on easy to more challenging hikes in and around the Nockberge biosphere reserve with you every year during the Nocky Mountains Hiking Weeks. You are sure to love our highlights such as the sunrise hike or mass up at the peak with mountain picnic on the Kaiserburg.

"nock/art" combines art & hiking

"nock/art", the art project Bad in Kleinkirchheim that you can hike along, offers exceptional trails up the mountain and is more than just art up the mountain. The special features of the cultural landscape are pointed out on six hiking trails in Bad Kleinkirchheim using a few but very targeted interventions. Local materials are worked into straight and very attractive design.

Discover these special works of art in and around Bad Kleinkirchheim with a hiking experience too. You can find spots for peace and quiet and reflection, concentration and meditation, provocation and contemplation along the 50 kilometre long "nock/art/hiking trails" in total.

Following the tracks of the Alps-Adriatic trail

The Alps-Adriatic trail links up the three regions of Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli Venezia Giulia over 43 stages in total. The long-distance trail leads from the foot of Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner, through the most stunning Carinthian mountain and lake scenery, close to where the three countries, Austria, Italy and Slovenia cross and then on to the Adriatic Sea to Muggia without any major detours.

4 of the most beautiful stages lead through the Nockberge Mountains and directly through Bad Kleinkirchheim. During the "Following the tracks of the Alps-Adriatic trail" themed weeks we hike with you over the stunning Millstatt mountain pasture to the Granattor, Rosennock, Zunder-Wänden and Falkert.

A hiking holiday in Carinthia
Experience fascinating hiking tours with the family

One stage of the trail in the Nockberge Mountains

The No. 16 stage of the trail is in the wonderful Nockberge National Park: "From Falkerthaus and the Lärchenhütte to Bad Kleinkirchheim" – highly recommended by our head waiter Kurt.

The hike starts at approx. 1,557 m where the forest road towards Lärchenhütte branches off to the Falkerthaus. We follow the forest road through the larch and spruce forest past the Lärchenhütte towards Hundsfeldscharte. At the Hundsfeldhütte the road merges into a steep track. After an approx. 20 minute climb we reach the Hundsfeldscharte and are rewarded with a stunning view over the peaks of the Nockberge Mountains.

After another 20 minutes we have reached the cross at the peak of the Falkert. From the Falkert the trail leads over the Falkertscharte to Rödresnock, the highest point of this hike at 2,310 m. From here the trail, following the fragrance of the Speick aromatic plant, leads us over gentle mountain pastures to the Schwarzkofel and onto the Moschelitzenalm.

We hike through forests with old larches and spruce trees as far as the "Matl Sepp" wine tavern. At the Speick sculpture, a magical spot, we can smell the fragrance of this ancient healing plant that has accompanied us all day long on our tour for one last time. We return to Bad Kleinkirchheim over tracks and tarmacked farm access roads.

Walking time: 6 to 7 hours / Elevation gain: 950 metres / Level of difficulty: moderate

Other top tours in the Nockberge National Park:circular hike up the Falkert

  • Starting and finishing point: Falkertsee
  • Length: 4.7 km
  • Total walking time: 2.5 hours
  • Level of difficulty: moderate

From Falkertsee along hiking trail 1591 through the Sonntagstal valley up to the Falkertscharte. Change to hiking trail 109 heading north to Falkert (2,308 m). Pass the Spitzlift top station and head for the Hundsfeldscharte and take hiking trail 3 heading north east back to the starting point.

Highest point
2,308 m

Elevation profile
Tip: There is also a via ferrata from Sonntagstal valley up to the Falkert.

Nockberge Mountains – biosphere reserve tour

Hiking on holiday in Carinthia
A hike to Windebensee – an ideal family outing

You can start the tour in the valley at Gasthof Hinteregger or from the Brunnach cable car at 1,902 m altitude. A steady climb towards Mallnock that leads to Rote Burg in one about-turn. The trail leads past Pfannnocksee on the counter slope via the St. Oswald Bockhütte (1,900 m) back to the starting point. Anyone who wants to can include the Pfannnock.

Such an impressive and vast landscape reveals itself even at the start of the trail – nestled between the peaks of the Großer Rosennock (2,440 m) in the north west, Pfannnock (2,254 m) and Mallnock (2,226 m) in the north east. The different rock formations (Rote Burg, schwarze Burg) combined with the gentle mountain pastures and lakes are what make this landscape so charming.

The St. Oswald Bockhütte (1,900 m) is a must for all hikers. Authentically natural – in fact almost kitsch. Do not miss out on the "Kaiserschmarrn" sweet pancake dish with cranberries that is well-known far and wide. It's just 45 minutes from the hut back to the top station.

Highest point
2,064 m

Finishing point
Brunnach National Park cable car top station

Elevation profile
Tips: Lime and dolomite rocks are joined here by primary rocks and several mineral deposits such as iron ore, magnesite, anthracite and garnet. Traces of historical mining can still be seen on the landscape.

When planning this hike make sure that you do not miss the Brunnach National Park cable car's last trip back down to the valley!

Hiking on holiday in Carinthia
Family relaxation in Carinthia

The Großer Königstuhl tour

  • Highest point: 2,336 m
  • Length: 7.50 km
  • Elevation gain: 643 m
  • Total walking time: 4 hours

The tour starts from Karlbad (Nockalm Scenic Road). Trail no. 122 leads through the light larch forest into terrain with no trees. At the 2,070 m high saddle (signpost) keep right until the next signpost (Friesenhalssee). Keep right again there as far as the Königstuhlscharte (2,190 m) From here it's just a few winding bends to the Königstuhl's peak (2,336 m)

To descend follow the marked trail no. 125 to Karlnock and follow the markings as far as Stangboden (a sweeping mountain pasture). Continue over soft alpine meadows as far as the next signpost (2,080 m). Then take a sharp right turn and head back to Karlbad over a really beautiful steep track.

Visit Karlbad – an old farmers' baths where cures are still offered today. The house is built right over the spring. The water is heated with stones from an open fire.

Ask the experts on reception at Die Post or the activity guides for even more tour directions. Or find out more online:
Wandertouren Nockberge
Nockberge Tourenguide
Here the iPhone-App or Android App to download for free!

Hiking – an outdoor experience for all ages

There are special national park experiences for our young guests to discover time and time again when hiking in Carinthia! In addition, the Nockberge Mountains are ideal for cycling and mountain biking, for playing tennis and golf. Send us your no-obligation enquiry and come to Bad Kleinkirchheim in the Nockberge Mountains for a few days of activity.

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