Massages and wellness treatments especially for children

Spa treatments tailored to children at Hotel Die Post in Carinthia

The children have earned some relaxation and moments of wellbeing too. There are options here that actively boost children's development. Our experts have tailored treatments especially to children's needs.

Why children's wellness?

  • Babies up to 18 months old: Massage based on Le Boyet method is a recognised technique for massaging babies. We massage them with you and show you the technique for how you can stimulate your baby.
  • Teens: Growth does not leave the body of teenagers unscathed. Undesirable developments can be prevented and awareness can be raised here.
  • Young ladies: Our experienced beauty experts show young ladies how they can skilfully look after their appearance and accentuate their personality.
  • Teens: An improvement in concentration, rebalance in energy, stimulation of the vegetative nervous system... We cater personally to every child and show you shiatsu techniques that you can take home with you.

Wellness & treatments

A wellness holiday in Carinthia
Wellness area at Hotel Die Post
  • Massages based on Le Boyet technique 20 minutes – €20.00
  • Massage, 20 minutes – €20.00
  • Children's shiatsu, 25 minutes – €35.00
  • Hot stone massage, 20 minutes – €20.00
  • Chocolate body pack, 25 minutes – €25.00
  • Coconut pearl gloss pack, 25 minutes – €25.00
  • New: Body detox electrolysis spa for hands and feet (detoxification) – €18.00


  • Facial cleansing with scrub & mask, facial massage, eyebrow shape, 50 minutes – €42.00
  • Make-up – €6.00
  • Fantasy make-up (with motifs of your choice) – €5.00 to 16.00
  • Manicure or pedicure – €20.00
  • "Fairy dust" nail polish on fingers or toes (with or without stickers) – €2.00 to 5.00

Combination offers for the whole family

Beauty hour for Mum and daughter

  • 1 jojoba and lotus body scrub for Mum, 25 minutes
  • 1 chocolate body pack for the Princess, 25 minutes – €50.00

Pit stop for Dad and son

  • 1 back massage for Dad, 25 minutes
  • 1 hot stone massage for son, 20 minutes – €49.00

A relaxing time for the whole family

Plan your relaxing stay with the whole family in Carinthia's Nockberge Mountains. Stunning nature on your doorstep and just the right thing for every member of the family on offer at Hotel Die Post. Be inspired by Die Post's offers and packages and send us your no-obligation enquiry. We will be happy to put together a personal holiday offer for you.

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