Hiking clothing – the right equipment for your outdoor experience

What you should bear in mind with regard to your clothing for hiking

Hikes in untouched nature and the stunning Austrian mountains are a magical experience that you will remember for a long time to come. The fresh air is really good for your body and clears your head, circulation is boosted and the closeness to nature provides you with unique sensations plus the indescribable feeling when you are standing at the top of the mountain you have climbed and the world is at your feet.

How does hiking clothing have to perform

In order to not be distracted from all these beautiful things it is important to prepare appropriately and choose the right clothing. Good hiking clothing is functional first and foremost: it protects against the wind and weather and allows your body to breathe, it is warming, light and provides the necessary safety.

Remember that it is usually colder in the mountains than in the valley and that the weather can turn at any time. There is often nowhere to shelter nearby and your only protection is your hiking clothing!

Good boots provide safety and grip

One particularly important aspect of hiking clothing is the boots. Appropriate footwear is essential outdoors, especially for children. Opt for boots with a deep tread, they provide you with a good grip on uneven and slippery ground and therefore prevent injuries. High boots also protect against ankle injuries, which are particularly a risk on uneven terrain.

Experts' tip:the onion method

Use the onion method when dressing for your outdoor adventure, as this gives you flexibility. Put several thin layers on, one on top of the other, so you can remove individual items of clothing as required without freezing straight away. Make sure that the outer layer is water repellent.

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Once you are well equipped there is nothing else standing in the way of exciting hikes on holiday in the Nockberge Mountains. Plan a few days with the whole family in the heart of Carinthia's stunning mountains. Spring and autumn are the classic hiking seasons, but unforgettable outdoor adventures also await you in the winter and summer. Send us your no-obligation enquiry and look forward to hiking in Austria.

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